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Language needed to communicate with 90% of the world.

Translation and Localization

Into23 is a translation and localization company. We help global companies with Asian languages. We translate into all Asian languages. We help Asian companies with their global languages. We translate into all major global languages.

About Into23

Who is Into23?

High Quality Translation Services

All our translations are fit-for-purpose. We believe in designing workflows that optimise delivering the right high quality translations. We also believe the right quality translations depends on the type of content being translated, how it will be used. Your marketing translations will be creative and accurately convey the message you intend. Your legal document translation will not be creative, they will convey the exact literal meaning. Your ecommerce translations will be optimised for SEO.

Our translators are all native speakers of the language they are translating into. We qualify all our translators based on the subjects they are translating into. Every day we are qualifying new translators. We will match the right translator to the right content.

Multilingual Translation Service is at the core of what we do. We use technology to optimise getting your content to the translator as fast as possible. On average, 90% of the time your content is with us, it is being worked on by translators. The industry average is closer to 50%. We believe in using technology. We believe in using translators to do what they are qualified to do and try to remove obstacles to their success.

Translation is a human activity. Translation Technology such as Machine Translation and Translation Memory augments the process. As with all human activities, humans will make errors. We seek to eliminate these errors by using automated translation QA checks to reduce the risk of error. We use the latest translation technology to achieve this, we constantly looking out for new innovations, trialling new methods to continuously improve our delivery performance.

Delivering high quality translations fit-for-purpose is our business mission. We don’t believe in the one-quality-measure for all types of content. We seek to understand what is important: time-to-market, creativity, accuracy or other criteria. We will adapt our workflow to deliver what is important. For some types of content, it can be more important to release first drafts early and improve the content after it goes live.

Technology-enabled Translations

Technology plays a big role in how we deliver translation. We are big believers in process automation. The core service we offer is translation, we try to minimize the cost and time taken on getting your content to our translators. We do this by deploying the latest translation technology to automate workflows.

All our translations have two steps – one for translation and one for review. One translator translates while a second translator reviews the translation. Using our online editor, these steps happen in parallel rather than sequentially. This makes the interaction between translator and review more collaborative. It improves the quality and the consistency of the translation. It also allows us to deliver translations faster.

We use a number of tools for automating translation and localization quality control. Our QA tools will detect any discrepancies in numbers or dates, they will spot any misspellings or grammar issues. For customers with defined terminology, our automated QA check will identify any terms not translated correctly.

For customers using content management systems or development environments, e.g. for WordPress or GitHub, we can build connectors between our translation system and your content repositories to automate sending content to translation.

Technology has a big role to play in delivering modern high quality translation. We work with the leading developers of these tools to allow us offer our customers customized solutions. Talk to us about your specific needs and we will propose a solution that’s fit for your particular needs.

On-Time Delivery

Our commitment is to deliver what we commit to and we believe we are faster than anyone else. Our business promise is no delays, no surprises and no drama. We understand that translation is always a step in a larger process. If we are late then this impacts subsequent steps. We take this very seriously. We will not be late.

Our business management system allows us to monitor and track progress of every piece of content we are translating at a micro level. This allows us identify risks early. By identifying risk early, we can put in place plans to quickly get things back on track. We believe this is the value in what we offer: we curate the best translators to work on your content, we use technology to get out of their way but we retain full visibility and control over the process.

We are data nerds. The reason we can accurately plan our projects is that we know how long translators take to translate different types of content. We know who is a little faster, who needs a little more time. We know the warning signs to watch for. Our goal is to use this data to help assign translation tasks using AI but we are not there yet.

With all our repeat customers, we look to set Translation Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on turnaround time. We like things to be transparent and simple. Of course, we also believe in flexibility, so these SLAs are a framework but we always prioritize meeting your needs.

Business today is fast. Content has a short shelf-life. We understand this and we understand this means that we need to prioritize speed. We believe our combination of using best-of-breed technology and the best translators on the market, while tracking performance allows us to accurately plan delivery times so we can meet even your most demanding requests. No delays, no surprises and no drama.

Customer Service

Our aim is to make simple the complexity of managing content in multiple languages. We believe our customer needs are quite simple: translate content into other languages so it is fit for purpose. Managing the complexity of this so you don’t need to care is our business goal. Our priority is to understand your key metrics and then set performance goals that are measurable. Our targets are what is important for you not what we think you should be measuring.

We love technology, we try to use where it can help us improve efficiency and productivity. But we believe customer service is a human interaction. Every customer has their day to day point of contact and an escalation contact. We will respond to all requests within 1 business hour – this may be an acknowledgement but we will always endeavour to respond and resolve rather than just acknowledge.

We don’t have a support team. We offer business services. Your support team are your client team. They are empowered to respond and resolve all customer requests quickly without having to go through endless approval cycles.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do every day. We respond within one hour to all new requests. We hate bureaucracy. Everyone is empowered to make decisions to resolve a customer request quickly.

Number of Languages Supported

We believe we can find a solution for any language our customers need! Whether is this English to French, Chinese to English translation, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, German, Korean or any other language.

We called our business Into23 as a play on the fact that the EU had 23 official languages, there are 23 languages with more than 50 million speakers and India has 22 official language plus English as a semi-official language. In the translation business, we are always asking which languages you want to translate “into”. Hence, our name Into23.

There are 23 languages in the world with more than 50 million speakers: Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Persian (Farsi), German, Russian, Malay (including Indonesian), Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Vietnamese, Telugu and Marathi.

There were 23 official languages of the EU: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish. Irish is the 24th language but the EU has delayed its implementation due to a lack of translation capacity.

One of our core activities is continuously recruiting new translators. We currently have thousands of translators in our database, across over 100 language pairs.

What we do

Translation & Localization

Our team of professional translators offer high-quality translation services and high quality localization services for all languages.

Our global supply chain of translators allows us to deliver certified translation services on-demand for any type of business language translation online. Our integrated technology platform utilizes the best-of-breed language translation technology to allow us deliver a stream-lined, cost-efficient translation solution for all our customers.

Whether you are translating from English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, French, or German we have it covered. We have delivered translations into 100+ global languages. We have yet to meet a translation request we can’t cover.

eCommerce Translation

75% of shoppers are more likely to purchase if a product is displayed in their language. Considering 50% of all Google queries are not in English, translating your ecommerce website to multiple languages is essential to sustain growth.

Product descriptions are high-impact content, if you make the investment to translate your product listings, you also want to ensure they are discoverable. The accurate translation of product descriptions is closer to multilingual SEO than to traditional translation. We use translators that are experts in website localization and translation for eCommerce to ensure you get multilingual eCommerce product descriptions that are fit for purpose and easily discoverable.

User reviews are the social proof that can convince users to buy. They need to be understandable but don’t need high-quality translation. We utilize machine translation to translate user reviews, usually with a light post-editing of this output to correct basic mistakes such as readability and accuracy.

E-learning Translation

We offer an end-to-end translation solution for eLearning content. Our translation experts will translate both the on-screen text and the audio scripts, our multilingual voice over artists will record the translated scripts, and our technical experts can reproduce any graphical elements with text. Our translation technology has specially designed filters for working with Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise content, allowing easy import after translation.

We offer a complete solution for eLearning translation and localization. Our eLearning Translation Services coupled with our Multilingual Voice Over Services give our customers a complete package for Multilingual eLearning courses.

Voice Over

Into23 corporate narration voice over and e learning voice over services offer voice overs in all major languages. We have curated a global voice talent roster network of professional yet affordable voice talent.

We work with individual voice talents that have their own professional home recording setup/ voice over booth. This allows us to offer competitive rates without having the need for studio fees. Our multilingual voice over services are tailored for the eLearning industry – high quality voices at very competitive rates.

Ongoing Business

Any business operating in international markets needs translation across all its business functions. This may require:

  • product translation
  • support and IT translation services
  • cms localization
  • multilingual content management
  • financial translation services
  • legal translation services
  • elearning localization service
  • academic translation services
  • corporate translation services
  • and other types of ongoing professional business translation services

Coordinating all this and ensuring consistency of terminology and adherence to brand identity is a major challenge.

We offer an outsourced shared-service solution that removes the complexity of translation management from your business. A portal-based ‘online translation manager’ solution allows authorised employees across the business to submit translation requests through one central portal. This portal is customized with your logo and brand colours giving it the feel of being an internal system for ordering translation.


Your website has a big impact on your business success. No matter what your industry, whether you are selling products or services, the majority of your customers will visit your website before making a purchase. If you are selling into international markets, having your website available in the preferred language of all your target customers will have a big impact on your ability to sell to international customers.

If you are asking yourself “how to translate my website automatically”… Whether you are using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! Or a more complex CMS like Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore or Tridion, we can help you speak to your customers in their native language.

Websites are dynamic, content changes constantly. We also offer multilingual content management solutions that can ensure you keep your translated content in sync with your base language.

Our customers

What our customers say about us

"My team have been using Into23 services very regularly for quite some time now and their quality of work is excellent. The style and accuracy with which they translated various types of training documents and scripts have been very much appreciated by our customers. The Overall service provided by Into23 was very professional and always as per agreed schedules and I am thoroughly satisfied with the deliverables and would definitely recommend them for any translation and localization requirements."


General Manager

"I am really happy to work with you. You are reliable, professional and kind and I really appreciate these values."


Senior Project Manager

“Into23 is always such a reliable partner to work with. For this project, I don't think the QA found any issue for you. Your translator is THAT great?! I am impressed!”


Senior Project Manager

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A successful business must be global but sound local. We are fast. We are transparent. We are easy to work with. We always deliver.

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